You ever think you’re over something and then it’s like no, nope, still bitter. Going to live and die on this hill, this is my home now.

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ok dude, i know you wanna fuck the granny queen from a bugs life, we’ve gotten your confession 385 fucking times, we get it, you love fucking old wrinkly ass ants, stop fucking submitting it.

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When I tell people I’m getting help or doing a certain thing for my mental health and they’re like “we all have problems I have (insert mental illness) too and I don’t do that” well maybe you should asshole….

Health and hygiene before modern times EUROPE: Why the fuck are we always getting sick? Is it demons? Is it ghosts? Is it a curse?
EVERYBODY ELSE: Have you tried washing your ass?


I told you I was trouble, you know that I’m no good.